How to write a book without a title

By Laura HurleyA few weeks ago, a group of writers, illustrators, and other creative types took to Twitter to celebrate the release of the first book in their new series of Literary Writing.

It was called Literary Candles, and it features four of the best short stories in the last ten years: a collection of literary candles from the works of American novelist Rebecca Loomis, an anthology of American novels by the late Charles Bukowski, a collection by the writer Margaret Atwood, and a collection from the poet Sarah Waters.

But what they all shared in common was a common theme: there was no single literary term to describe them.

“There was no singular term for the kind of work that we were doing, and we all wanted to write something that wasn’t just a collection,” says writer and illustrator Sarah Waters, who co-authored the collection with her husband, illustrator John Waters.

“But there’s a great deal of value in being able to say, I am a writer.”

“We were trying to make it a little bit more than a collection.”

That value, of course, wasn’t lost on those who took the time to create their own words.

A few days later, they’d gone viral.

A book that they’d written together is now, in fact, a book! 

“The fact that we all came together to produce a book meant that it was much more than just a book,” says Waters.

The authors of Literary Candle, which she co-wrote, have created a new word for their work.

Literary Candling is an anthology from the literary works of Rebecca Lomanis, John Waters, and Margaret Atwoods. 

In a series called Literary Candle, the authors created a collection that includes four of their best literary candles (one of which is an adaptation of an original story by Sarah Waters) and a bunch of short stories.

In a recent conversation with Laura Hurly, Waters says the process of crafting the book was a lot like the one you would see in a typical publishing house: there are lots of people involved.

“It was a long process, but it was really fun,” she says.

“I think that’s what I really enjoyed about it: it was just a great group of people that wanted to collaborate and get together.”

Sarah Waters and John Waters created Literary Candls because they wanted to share the same passion for writing as the writers who created them. 

“I think it’s just the right time to get into the book industry again, so I think that people who have an interest in literature should definitely be able to get involved,” says John Waters in a recent interview with The Huffington Post.

“If you’re a writer, if you’re an illustrator, if your friend has a passion for literature, they can take that and be a part of the process.” 

“And if you have an idea, you can bring that idea to the table, and then you can take the idea to an artist, and you can come up with the final product,” adds Waters.

This is why we’ve all come together.

Sarah Waters is a writer who’s collaborated with Margaret Atwater and John Oates and is also the author of the book, Literary Candlestick. 

John Waters is the illustrator and writer of Literary Candle and a co-author of the collection. 

The Literary Candlers, who are part of a new online literary anthology called Literary Writing, share their passion for the arts, writing, and creative nonfiction.

Their first collection, Literary Writing for the Creative Class, was a huge success.

But, unlike many other writers who have made their living by creating a literary journal, Waters isn’t interested in creating a separate genre.

“That would just be a very superficial thing that I’d want to do,” she tells Hurley.

“We’re all creative people, and I think it would be really cool to do something that has more of an artistic quality.” 

What would be the point of a literary anthology if we couldn’t even agree on the terms for a title? 

“One of the things that I think we all feel strongly about, that we’re all interested in, is being able the to create a space where we can work together on something that is unique, where we have the ability to explore ideas and ideas that are different and new and different in terms of genre,” Waters explains.

“And I think there is that space that we are able to create for the Literary Candler, but there is no title.” 

So what is Literary Candlings goal? 

Sarah Waters is one of the Literary Writers who has worked with literary anthologies. 

But, like many writers, she’s not interested in making a book with no title.

“What I would really love to do is create a book that is about a genre, or a subgenre,” she told Hurley during a recent phone conversation.

“Or, in the case

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