The word ‘curse’ is in a lot of ways an old one but there are new uses for it, says literary dictionary

I use the word curse often, but I’ve never thought of it as an insult.

I use it in a very different way than most people, says William Burroughs, who co-authored the book The Curse of the Curse Mango.

In fact, he says, the word’s popularity is not a coincidence.

The word is being used to describe something that’s just as real and real-world as any other thing, he told the Associated Press.

The phrase is a way of saying something that is really a metaphor.

The concept of the curse, which Burroughies co-wrote with John C. McGonigal, is a word that has been used in a variety of different ways for a long time, said Burroughy.

The first word I think of is the word “curse,” which comes from Latin, meaning “to curse,” Burroughys’ Dictionary of Modern English (DME) said.

But “curses” came into use in the 17th century, Burroughses said, when the English language was still a young language.

The term “cursed” is often used as a way to express how a person feels, and it’s been used to mean a person that has a bad heart, he said.

In a sense, the term “Curse of the Mango” was a metaphor, Burrishys said.

The Mango was a native of South America and was a fruit of a plant native to South America called the banana.

He said he liked the idea that the fruit would bring him good luck in his travels, but it wasn’t clear what it would do for him on his journey to America.

Burroughsy said he found the word in an old dictionary and that it had a variety on the dictionary of different kinds of curses.

For instance, it might have read “A curse on a person, as well as on an animal.”

“I just found that very interesting and I’m really curious to see what other people use the term for, what people are saying,” Burrisys said in an interview.

He also thinks it’s an appropriate word to use in describing a person with bad luck.

Buroughs has found a few examples of people using it in ways that are ironic or humorous.

For example, a couple in Florida used the word to describe a man who was driving down the highway in a pickup truck.

He had been driving through a neighborhood and had gotten stuck behind the truck.

A passerby named Frank, who was traveling by foot, caught up with the truck, helped Burrough, and pulled him out.

“And it turns out that he was an alcoholic,” Burough said.

“He was drinking a lot and he’d been drinking a ton, and so Frank helped him out of the truck.”

Burrough told the AP that he has found instances of people who have been cursing their neighbors, relatives, friends and even their pets and even children, but that he believes the curse of the mango should be reserved for people who are not on their own.

“People who have bad luck, I believe they should be cursed because of it,” he said in the interview.

Burruys has also seen examples of someone cursing their friends, but said he doesn’t think it’s the right term.

“It’s not the right word for the situation,” he told AP.

“The problem with cursing is it’s so overused that it becomes a very strong word that people use in very, very negative ways.

I don’t think you can use it as a joke, it just comes out of nowhere.”

The word curse has been around for hundreds of years and there have been many uses.

Burrroughs said he started noticing it as early as the 1800s when people were telling stories of a curse on their relatives or a curse they had on their friend or the person they were dating.

“A lot of these stories, if you look at them in the context, were very similar to how a lot people would tell stories of what a curse was in that day,” he explained.

“You’re looking at it as if it’s a really, really strong word.

So I thought that was interesting and so I started researching the word.

I found that it was used to express something that was really real and really real-life.”

Burruyes has found that the word was first used in the 1920s by people who were living in New York.

It was first popularized in the 1950s by writers and writers were writing about the effects of the atomic bomb on the city.

“They were writing stories about a bomb that was going to destroy Manhattan,” Burraws said.

He thinks that people in the ’50s and ’60s had an idea of what was going on and that’s when people started using

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