What do you need to know about Guernsey Literary Lens

Guernseys literary lens has been around since 2013 and is now expanding across the UK.

The site launched in London on January 9 and will continue to expand to other English-speaking countries.

This year, it has also announced a partnership with the Guerns family-run museum in Newcastle.

The partnership, which includes the creation of a new museum and gallery, will open in 2018 and will feature the GuERNsey Literary lens, curated by the museum’s curator, Dr. Joanne Guern.

“This is the perfect venue for us to expand and continue to highlight the work of our GuERNs members in the world of literature and art,” Guernsel said.

Guernsey’s literary lens is not limited to Guernsy.

It features books about the Guarnsey Isles, the Guersuet Islands, and Guerny.

Its website offers links to GuERN’s publications, including books, music and films.

In 2017, Guernseys publishing house launched a limited edition GuERN paperbacks collection and this year, the company will be launching a new edition of its GuERN series of books.

While the GuELS Literary Lens has its roots in the UK, it is also the largest literary lens in the US, said Paul Moulden, vice president of sales and marketing at GuERN.

Since the site was launched in 2013, the number of GuERN publications in the country has doubled, with about 15,000 titles.

Moulden said the GuELS Literary Lens was founded to highlight Guernese literature and culture.

It also aims to support writers in their careers and provides information on their work, including a free online course on the GuEU-literary lens.

Although the GuERSUET Literary Lens will be the first to be expanded into the US and the GuEST-literature lens will focus on the UK and Ireland, both of which are currently the home to the most GuERN books in the U.S., Mouldens said the two will be combined in a future edition of the GuELL.

According to GuELSE, the new edition will include GuERN stories from across the world.

For more information, visit guernseysliterarylens.com

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