‘I Will Be With You’: An Oral History of a Life in Letters

In the early 2000s, a young woman from Australia named Rosemary Karr had the epiphany that she would one day write an autobiography.

“I had a book idea in my head that I thought was just a bit weird,” she said.

It was.

Karr was 18 years old at the time.

She began writing her book, The Last Man in Town, in an effort to “be like someone else.”

“The first draft was about the death of my parents,” Karr recalled.

“I didn’t even want to go to school.”

But she quickly realized that her father, the late Peter Karr, was not just a family man.

He was also a poet, author, essayist, and literary critic, who had worked with artists like Robert Anton Wilson and James Baldwin.

Karr wrote her memoir in the style of a “love letter,” in which she told her father she loved him, and her mother, whom she had known for almost 10 years, told her how much she loved her son.

After writing a book, Karr and her family moved to New Zealand, where she became a professor at New Zealand University.

In her memoir, Kuffers parents, Paul and Ann Karr , describe their son as “a true intellectual.”

After graduation, she returned to Australia to work for a book publishing company, and she and her husband took a vacation to a remote island in New Zealand.

But the family did not return to Australia for two years.

They returned to New York to start a new life in a big city.

At the time, Karg’s life was filled with friends, family, and friends of friends, and Karr started working as a social worker.

When her life changed, she and Kufferson took up their lives, starting to write letters.

Soon after, Kerr began to write her own novels, which she would later publish.

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