When to read fiction, and how to avoid cliché

You can’t have too many literary digest articles.

If you want to read some good literary fiction, read them.

And you shouldn’t.

When you’re not sure if a novel is good or bad, or if the characters in it are smart or dumb, you should not be reading it.

That’s the idea behind the “literary digests,” which are a way to break down a novel into digestible parts.

But they’re also meant to be fun.

You shouldn’t be reading a book just to see how many lines of dialogue are there.

You should be reading the story.

And that’s the case with every genre.

The idea behind this is that fiction is a way of looking at things in a way that lets us see the larger world.

And, in the case of the novel, that means looking at its characters, its themes, its stories.

That can be tricky for people who want to get really serious about the work, and a good way to start doing that is to take a good look at the work’s main characters.

These are the characters you’ll see in any novel.

They are the people you’ll meet, the characters who will be the focus of your attention.

What’s a character?

It’s a human being with a story to tell, and they have a purpose.

For a novel, a character’s story can be as simple as a character, or as complex as a whole world, or even as complicated as a society.

It doesn’t matter.

There’s a purpose to every person on this planet, and it’s the main reason we’re here, the reason we live, the reasons we exist, and the reason people get up in the morning.

How do you understand that purpose?

Because we have a story, and we have to understand it in order to understand ourselves.

You know, if you’ve ever thought about what the purpose of life is, and then you’ve seen a movie like The Matrix, you might see what a movie is.

It’s all a set of instructions for a system that tells you what to do, what to think, what you should think, and so on.

That movie has all of the information needed to explain why a person might choose to make this decision, but it doesn’t explain how that decision came to be.

If we’re going to be human, then we have certain kinds of motivations.

One of them is to make the world a better place.

The other is to live a better life.

But we have other motivations as well.

There are different kinds of motivation.

There is a kind of motivation to survive, and another to make money.

And then there’s another kind of motivating force that people have.

There was a book I read in college called The Science of Human Nature, by a guy named John B. Watson.

It was a fascinating book.

I really enjoyed it.

It wasn’t exactly an easy read, but I really loved it.

And Watson’s theory is that the human mind is a universal Turing machine.

It has all the right bits of information.

It can be built up with a set number of bits, but there are a lot of bits that are hidden.

We don’t know why these bits are there, but we do know they’re there.

And this machine is the human brain.

It knows what it’s doing.

And it’s always making the right choices.

The human mind has this universal Turing-machine, and Watson was really interested in how that universal Turing system could be built into a human brain and then applied to humans.

If Watson had gotten a job at Google, and he had been working on a project called A.I., and he was going to develop a machine that could learn and then predict human behavior, he would be thinking of these A. I. projects as a way for us to understand human nature, because we’re all really smart and we’re really good at predicting human behavior.

Watson and his colleagues wanted to understand the human nature of the machine, and their idea was to take it to the next level.

They wanted to learn what a human is, so they created a machine with all of their knowledge about the human.

This was called a neural net, and this machine was going through every single piece of information that was contained in the human being.

It would analyze this information, and if it found something it liked, it would pick that up and use that information to improve itself.

And if it didn’t like something, it’d stop trying.

But Watson thought that was an inadequate way to get to know a person.

The more information we had about a person, the more we could learn from that information, the better we could predict their actions, and our goals.

So Watson started studying how people were able to get this information and use it to improve themselves.

And he realized that we don’t have a perfect understanding of human nature.

And so he started looking at how human nature is

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