When you write your own story, you become a writer.

The word writer has been around for a long time.

In the 19th century, a man named John Steinbeck, a novelist, said that he was the writer.

He didn’t have a literary agent, but he said, “I will write myself.”

And he was right.

When you’re writing yourself, you are your own agent.

You’re writing your own fiction.

And so, if you are going to be a writer, you should write your stories.

It’s your art, it’s your craft, and it’s what you do.

And it’s really important.

When I was writing, there were very few publishers that did this, because most publishers were afraid of being seen as “commercial” and losing their jobs.

But the way that the publishing world has changed over the past decade, it was never going to change the way it did, or the way the writers worked for other publishers.

And now, publishers are just going to publish their stories.

The best writers are still writing.

But when you start writing, you’re a writer; you’re not a commercial agent, because your job is to create.

So it’s not just the way you write that’s important.

What you write about is important.

It can be an essay or a memoir or a novel, but if you write something that’s a little bit personal, you know, it is a story, and you create a narrative for it.

So, what do I write about?

Well, I write a lot about my life, and I write more about the things that I love, the things I enjoy, than I ever have before.

And I love to share these stories.

And, you have to be yourself and your own writer.

You can’t have people read your books or watch your shows and say, “Oh, he’s a writer.”


You have to create your own personal narrative for your story, which is not just a story of a character or a plot.

So that’s the thing.

And this is the first of a series.

Next up, I’m going to talk about the people and the work that you do that is so important.

I’ll talk about how to be the best writer in the world, the person that you know that you want to be, and the person you want your kids to be.

And then, I’ll be back in January with the next installment, which will be about a group of writers.

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