Epigraphs from ‘The Lord of the Rings’ by G.K. Chesterton

A new version of G. K. Chestert’s classic poem “The Lord Of The Rings” by Sir Ernest Hemingway has been cast in Irish by a company that owns the rights to the poem.

The poem, which was originally written in 1951, has become an enduring cultural touchstone for people across the world.

The Irish-born poet wrote it as a response to a speech by his friend and political activist Ernest Hemmingway, who died in 1949.

In it, Hemminghow told Chesterton, “You are the master of the universe and I am your servant.”

Chesterton said it “should have made the news.”

The poem’s original lyrics were penned by Hemming, who would become the country’s first president.

“We must not let ourselves be fooled into thinking that these poems, so beautiful, so moving, so important, have been written by a man who has never had to think about the world or lived to see it,” said Joe Larkin, president of the Irish Writers’ Association.

The original poem was first published in 1959 by Heming’s publishing house, and has been read by tens of millions of people worldwide.

“It’s an incredible, powerful work, and it is so much better than anything else I have ever read, said Larkin.

Chesterton’s son, Anthony Chesterton Jr., who has a PhD in English literature from the University of Texas at Austin, said his father’s poems have influenced him.”

He was a great poet, but his prose was far more poetic than his poetry was poetic,” Anthony Chestert said.

The new version will be made available for purchase by the American Society of Bookbinders in New York City, and by the Irish Society of Arts and Letters in Dublin, Ireland.”

It’s a very powerful poem, and I hope people are able to read it again and read it well.”

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