‘Hollow Earth’ novel set to be published in 2017

New York, NY, Nov. 3, 2017 (MEDIA WIRE) — A new novel set in the fictional universe of Hollow Earth, a fictional Earth inhabited by billions of humans, will be published this year, and its author hopes it will be a step toward understanding and appreciating the world we live in.

John W. Campbell, author of The Hollow Earth Trilogy, was inspired to write the novel after visiting a local museum dedicated to the history of the universe, which he said was an important milestone for him and others in his field.

“We are at a critical juncture in our history, and I am hoping that this novel will be the catalyst for change, both in the history books and in the minds of future generations,” Campbell said in a press release.

“Hollow earth is the first novel I’ve written in 20 years that is both the story of the world and of humanity as a species, and is a deeply personal experience that speaks to me deeply.”

The novel, which was published in May by Scribner, focuses on a small family in a small town who must decide whether to accept the new world that’s emerging around them or to live in it.

It follows a group of people in the town who are determined to make a living as they struggle to survive.

“The Hollow Earth is a story of humanity trying to survive as a community,” Campbell wrote.

“It tells of the desperate struggle that has taken place within our species, a struggle that is the result of the destruction of the earth we were born on.”

The Hollow Endings is set in a fictional universe that Campbell created in 2012.

The fictional universe is populated by thousands of people who have taken up farming and growing crops and living on the ruins of the planet they were born.

The novel tells the story about a group that lives in the Hollow Endures, a vast expanse of land between Earth and its moon, where they are forced to live as hunter-gatherers.

“This is a very unique book, with an amazing cast of characters, and a great cast of setting, and it’s a book that really resonates with me as a writer,” Campbell added.

“There are a few things that really caught my attention in this book: One, the incredible worldbuilding, and two, the wonderful worldbuilding of the characters, including the family who inhabit this very special place.”

The worldbuilding in The Hollow Endments is breathtaking and Campbell described the series as a “fantastic science fiction epic.”

The novel follows a family who are struggling to make their living, while their children are struggling with the consequences of the extinction of the humans they were once a part of.

The novel also centers around an orphaned boy who is forced to choose between the Hollow Earth and the real world.

“My goal with this book was to explore and challenge what it means to be human, and to try to tell stories that people would like to read,” Campbell told MEDN.

“The story is told through the eyes of these people, who are all so different, and there is something about the characters that gives them so much depth.

It is the stories that make you want to read the next book.”

Read more about The Hollow Ends, and watch a trailer for the book below:

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