Why does the world hate poetry?

The world is full of hatred for poetry.

Poetry is hated in the United States because of the way it tells stories, and its popularity in the West has plummeted.

The US has the highest illiteracy rate in the developed world.

And now, as the new year approaches, the English language has lost a powerful weapon against the evil of language that is poetry.

The new edition of the bible, The Lad, is a new work of art that seeks to redefine the meaning of poetry, the idea of a human being as a creator, the meaning behind words, and the power of language in the world.

The Lad is a work of fiction that seeks a return to the ancient tradition of poetry.

It is a poetic book that tells a story that is about a man named Henry, who discovers that he is actually a man who created a poem, and who, in order to find out why, writes the poem.

Henry is a man of genius, but he’s not the smartest guy in the room.

He’s not an architect, and he doesn’t know the ins and outs of the art of the poem, but somehow, he manages to figure out that he’s actually a poem.

So Henry, along with a group of people who are more talented than he is, goes on a journey to discover the origin of the word “poetry,” the meaning, and what is poetry?

And he’s very, very, curious about what the word is.

There’s a great deal of poetic violence in The Lad.

It has a great much of violence in it, but there’s also a lot of poetry that is very gentle, kind, and compassionate, and that is the best kind of poetry and the best poetry you can have.

And it’s a book that asks questions, and asks, “What does poetry mean?

What is the power in the words that we write?”

It’s a wonderful book that is deeply concerned with the power that poetry has over the human mind.

And in a way, this book is a kind of anti-poetry, because the book is about this idea of what poetry is, and how poetry is so important in our lives, and it’s very much a work about how we can use poetry to reclaim the power we have over our lives.

The book’s title is a bit misleading.

It says “The Lad.”

And that’s a reference to the book’s subtitle, which is “The Poetry of Henry.”

And it says “Henry.”

And “Poetry of” refers to the poet who wrote the book, and “Henry” is a reference in the book to the poem that he wrote.

The whole title of The Lad was “Henry the Poet,” and that’s how the title came about.

But the title “Henry The Poet” is also a reference.

“The poetry of” is an apt way to put it.

And, of course, it is a great way to take the title of a book like this, because, as I said, it has a lot to say about poetry.

And the title is not the only thing that the book does.

There are some poems that are really important, and there are other poems that seem to have no meaning at all, and yet are the very definition of poetry in the eyes of the world, because they seem to be just one sentence long.

So, there’s some poems and there’s others that are important, but they seem like just one paragraph long.

And then there are some that are very difficult to define, because of their length.

But, of all of the poems, there is one that I think is really important.

It’s called “Poems,” and it is the first poem that Henry wrote.

And ” Poems” is not just a poem about Henry.

It really speaks to the whole of humanity, and even the world as a whole, in a very simple way.

It talks about love and kindness and kindness for all people.

It also speaks to human beings as human beings.

It speaks to how we all can become one human being.

It doesn’t say anything about the nature of God, about heaven or hell or whatever, and so it’s one of the most important poems that Henry ever wrote.

In fact, the book has a subtitle that is not actually about Henry, but is instead “Poem of God.”

And this is an extremely powerful work.

The poem, in many ways, is about the meaning and the purpose of God.

And Henry is trying to figure that out, and then he meets a girl named Anne.

Anne is a girl who has just discovered that she has the power to bring down her own death, and she finds out that the only way to bring it down is to write poetry.

She does that and is able to find her own poetry, which she is very excited about.

So we have this wonderful, beautiful story of a girl

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