Which books are being sold at Amazon.com?

Amazon is selling dozens of books in New York City and Los Angeles, and it’s apparently getting desperate.

Amazon’s New York office is selling hundreds of books a day, according to a tweet from Amazon’s VP of global digital publishing, David Ragan.

In Los Angeles alone, the office is now selling over a thousand books daily.

The company is also selling a whopping 300,000 titles per day in London, according the company’s Twitter account.

This is not the first time Amazon has been accused of selling a huge amount of books on the cheap.

Last year, Amazon reported that it was selling over $100 million worth of books for $14.99 each in the U.S. It has been known to sell out of stock of books quickly in the past.

Last month, Amazon said it was going to “stop offering discounts to our Kindle Unlimited customers, and we are continuing to work with retailers and publishers to ensure that our customers are not locked out of books at the checkout.”

Amazon is not alone in this trend.

Last fall, a lawsuit filed in Florida against Barnes & Noble was dismissed, saying Amazon has not broken any laws.

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