Which literary characters have synesthesia?

There’s a new word in the lexicon: synesthesia.

The word is now a synonym for artistic creativity, a concept first proposed by British scientist and musician Daniel Goleman in 2011.

Synesthesia is the ability to distinguish objects and feelings of the same person from another person or object, according to the National Institute of Mental Health.

The concept originated as a way to help people who have trouble seeing the world and are unable to fully identify the person they are interacting with.

Synesthesia is a special kind of perceptual processing in which people can detect differences between two people, according the American Psychological Association.

Goleman has described the synesthesia phenomenon as a sort of synesthesia for the human brain, which makes it possible to process the world in a way that would be impossible for a normal person.

He wrote in a 2015 paper that synesthesia is “the ability to sense differences in the sensory input of another person.”

In the past decade, research has been conducted on synesthesia, and there are several studies involving synesthesia and creativity.

A 2014 study of nearly 500 college students found that students with synesthesia were significantly more creative than those without.

In 2015, researchers at the University of Maryland reported that synesthetes outperformed non-synesthetics in a mathematical task, but they struggled to complete tasks involving reading, writing, math and reading comprehension.

Another 2014 study showed that synesthetic synesthesia was linked to creativity and improved cognitive functioning.

Other studies have shown that synestheses can perform better in tasks requiring the use of their eyes.

In a 2016 study, a group of synesthete college students were able to correctly identify 100 different faces of different colors and shape.

They were also able to recognize more than 400 letters.

Another group of college students in their third year of college, however, did not have the ability.

Researchers also found that synethesia could help people with cognitive problems such as autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism and Tourette syndrome.

In addition to improving cognitive function, synesthesia also helps people who experience pain.

In 2013, researchers in Sweden used synesthesia to see how the body of a blind person reacts to being hit by a car.

They found that the person who had the most synesthesia tended to have a stronger reaction to pain.

Another 2013 study found that people with synesthesia had higher levels of brain dopamine in their brains than non-sensitized people, suggesting that synaptics could improve the function of dopamine.

Synesthetic synapses also make people feel better about their own body.

Synesthesia and artistic creativityIn 2017, a study published in the journal Psychological Science found that participants who had synesthesia had a greater capacity to produce visual imagery.

The study used a computer-generated visual scene, which had a large number of colored dots on it.

Participants had to identify the dots with their eyes and draw them in the appropriate order.

Some participants saw the dots and felt the dots move, while others saw the same dots but drew them in a different order.

Researchers found that those who had higher numbers of synesthetic visual neurons showed greater creativity.

A second study from 2017 also found higher numbers in synesthesia in artists compared to non-artists.

Researchers took pictures of six people, two of whom had synesthetics and one of whom did not.

The scientists recorded the participants’ reaction to the pictures and the participants responses to the images.

The researchers found that subjects with synesthetic creativity had higher scores on the creativity task than the other two groups.

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