Which Literary Terms Should You Use in Your Dictionary?

The following terms are considered literary terms in the literary dictionary: 1.

Literary term.

Literary works are literary texts, written by an author and published in a published form.2.

Literary author.

An author is an individual who creates a work of fiction, poetry, or nonfiction.3.

Literary work.

A literary work is a work written by someone.


Literary word.

A word is a word used to represent a concept, emotion, idea, idea of a person or thing, or an idea.5.

Literary phrase.

A phrase is a phrase that includes words, clauses, or paragraphs that are not part of the work.6.

Literary style.

The literary style of a work includes the use of wordplay, use of symbols, and other symbols and/or words to convey ideas, emotions, or ideas.7.

Literary genre.

Literary genres include romance, science fiction, mystery, thriller, mystery fiction, epic fantasy, and fantasy.8.

Literary time.

Literary times are measured in years, and are used to describe a specific time in time.9.

Literary universe.

The Literary Universe is a collection of literary works.

The term Literary Universe encompasses all works published between 1940 and 2017.10.

Literary source.

Literary sources include anthologies, novels, memoirs, short stories, poetry collections, and nonfiction collections.11.

Literary tradition.

Literary traditions are literary works that have existed for at least 10 years.12.

Literary form.

Literary forms include novel, short story, novella, novel collection, and short story collection.13.

Literary character.

Literary characters include fictional characters, fictional persons, fictional places, fictional people, fictional events, and fictional places.14.

Literary subject.

Literary subjects are those that are literary, including fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.15.

Literary place.

Literary places include places in history, natural history, science, and the arts.16.

Literary theme.

Literary themes are literary themes that are associated with particular subjects or events.17.

Literary story.

Literary stories are stories that have been told or written.18.

Literary period.

Literary periods are defined as the periods of time from two decades after publication of the first publication of a literary work to one hundred years after the date of publication of its last publication.19.

Literary type.

Literary types include the genres of fiction and non-fiction, non-literary short stories and short stories of no more than 250 words, and literary works, works of fiction or non-fiction, and works of nonfiction written between 1940 to 2017.20.

Literary vocabulary.

Literary vocabularies are used throughout the work, including title, author, title of publication, author’s last name, and title of the publication.21.

Literary terms.

Literary words are words used in the text to describe, describe, or describe concepts, emotions or ideas of people or things.22.

Literary dictionaries.

Literary dictionary includes dictionaries of literary terms, terms of reference, literary style, literary genres, literary time, and word lists for literary terms.23.

Literary titles.

Literary title refers to a title of a book, magazine, or other publication, regardless of its form.24.

Literary subheadings.

Literary subtitle refers to any paragraph of a title, regardless on whether it is a title or a subtitle.25.

Literary quotations.

Literary quotes refer to any quotation from another work.26.

Literary examples.

Literary example includes any reference to any work of literature, nonliterary or literary, that does not relate to any literary work, or which does not contain literary terms or terms of references, except that literary examples must be attributed to the author.27.

Literary reviews.

Literary review includes a review of a publication by a literary magazine or newspaper.28.

Literary synopsis.

Literary summary includes a synopsis of a single work, published in the same issue, issue number, or year as a book.29.

Literary newsgroup.

Literary community is a broad category that includes literary journals, newsgroups, and online forums.30.

Literary trade name.

Literary tradename refers to the name of a business or organization, including a company name, trade name, or trademark.31.

Literary world.

Literary World is a term that includes a broad range of literary media and media industries, including video games, books, magazines, and television shows.32.

Literary writers.

Literary authors include writers who write fiction, memoir, short fiction, short nonfiction (nonfiction published in nonfiction form), and nonliterarily.33.

Literary critics.

Literary critic is a literary term that describes a person who analyzes, reviews, or evaluates the literary works of others, often by comparing and contrasting them with their own work.34.

Literary novels.

Literary novel includes literary works published during the period 1950 to 2018.35.

Literary collections.

Literary collection is a list of literary collections.36

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