Why Spain is the country with the best public schools

Spain has one of the world’s best public education systems, but its children face challenges that can’t be solved by school.

A new study by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) finds that the country’s public school system is far better than most in the OECD and the OECD-wide average.

The study, released Wednesday, found that in most OECD countries, only about 3 percent of children are eligible for free or reduced-price lunch and only 4 percent are enrolled in a school district that offers at least one of those programs.

Here’s a look at the research: “We found that the education system of Spain is significantly better than the OECD average,” said Estera Di Martino, a research fellow at the OECD.

“Spain has a very high proportion of children with disabilities, which is something that we need to improve.”

The study looked at a number of education metrics, including the proportion of schools with at least 20 percent of students with disabilities and the proportion with at most 1,500 pupils.

It found that Spain’s public schools are among the best in the world, as measured by the OECD’s literacy index and by its achievement score, which ranks countries according to the extent to which their students are able to read, write and perform in school.

For instance, Spain has the highest level of reading proficiency in the EU (92.5) and the highest average score on a reading test.

It also has the second-highest rate of students passing the OECD literacy test.

That compares to the EU average of 36 percent.

Spain also has a higher level of math proficiency than the EU, which makes it the best performer in the union.

In a separate report released in April, the OECD found that Spanish education ranked fourth in the group of countries with the most advanced schools, behind Finland, Denmark and Sweden.

Spain has also been ranked among the top 10 countries for math achievement among 16 other countries.

The OECD’s report also found that teachers are much better educated in Spain than in most countries.

According to the OECD, there are roughly 10,000 Spanish teachers compared to more than 10,500 U.S. teachers.

The difference in education and teachers is largely because the OECD has done its own comparative education surveys in Spain since 2011.

The survey of teachers in the country was conducted in 2014 and 2015, with the results released in December 2016.

It has since been expanded to include assessments in the U.K., the U

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