Epiphany Literary Agency – The Story of the Epiphany Writers anthology

Literary Agency is a literary agency dedicated to publishing new and innovative work by writers and illustrators from across the globe.

The Agency publishes a variety of literary books, including award-winning works by international best-selling authors and short fiction and poetry.

Literary Agency publishes the best and most diverse selection of best-sellers in its genre of contemporary fiction, including classic classics, modern fiction, mystery, fantasy, science fiction, nonfiction, non-fiction books, and poetry collections.

Literary Agent has been publishing award-winners since 2005, including the 2011 Pulitzer Prize for Best New Writer.

The Agency’s motto is “A Writer’s Book”.

Epiphany Literary is proud to present the definitive collection of the best-known works of the epiphany writers: The Epiphany Reader.

The epiphany reader was a book written by the author of The Epocalypse, John Scalzi, which was a collection of essays on the meaning of death and the eponymous apocalypse, published in 1976.

The epiphany Reader has been a critical and commercial success, being adapted for television, film, and other media.

In 2016, Epiphany published The Episodic Reader, a collection that was also adapted for TV, Film, and more.

In 2017, Episodiad published The Last of the Goodreads Reader, which included short stories and short stories of the New York Times bestselling author and author of the The Goodreads book The Last Man on Earth, who also authored a number of other books including The End of the World as We Know It.

The Last of The GoodReaders and The Epistemic Reader are available in digital formats.

The books are available for free online at Epiphany.com, on Amazon.com and other digital retailers.

The Epiphany Book of the Year, the winner of the 2017 Literary Award, was the epistle to the Hebrew Bible by Thomas Aquinas.

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