New York City’s literary agency says it has hired former Fox Sports employee to lead agency’s marketing efforts

NEW YORK CITY, N.Y. — A literary agency founded by the late Roger Stone has hired a former FoxSports producer to lead its marketing efforts.

The Literary Agency of New York, or LANOA, says it is looking for a marketing strategist to help develop marketing campaigns for LANSIG, a company that specializes in producing literary fiction.

It is the second time Stone has been tapped to work on a literary agency.

Stone is a former chief of staff for President Donald Trump.

He died in April.


—  A Michigan literary agency that Stone founded with former Foxsports executive James O’Keefe is being rebranded as LANSAG, or Literary Association of Lansing, the agency said in a statement.

Stone has served as president of the agency for 11 years.

Lansag, which was founded in 2011, has a board of directors of writers and literary agents and an office in Lansing.

“It is an exciting opportunity to grow the LANSOG brand and to bring our clients together for a common purpose,” the agency wrote.LANSIG’s marketing strategy, including social media outreach, will focus on writing and distributing a broad range of literary and cultural fiction.

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