What is the difference between literary and nonfiction?

As a novelist, I’m very aware of the power of literary writing to affect my own career.

As an editor, I can see my work and influence influencing a lot of other editors, writers, and people in publishing.

When it comes to my work as a writer, I tend to keep the same style of writing but I’ve added more than a few twists and turns to it to better connect with my audience and make it more relevant to a broader audience.

When I’m editing nonfiction, I try to be a more collaborative editor than I am with literary agents.

I’m not as critical of myself when it comes out of the gate as I am when it’s done.

When a story needs a revision, I’ll often take a look at the author’s previous work and ask myself, “Am I making this story better, or worse?”

If a story doesn’t feel like it fits into the larger story, I won’t be making it better.

When the story is done, I will probably take a break to review it, edit it, and re-write it to bring out the best in the characters and their arcs.

I also try to incorporate as much of the story as possible into my own writing.

This is a big part of the process, and it helps me to find the best of my own work when I edit nonfiction.

If I have to write a new chapter of the book, I might use some of the new ideas I’ve developed from this chapter in order to create a new story that I want to explore in more depth.

Nonfiction writers often have a hard time telling their story, and they want to tell it well.

They want to know the people in their life, and their relationships, and how they feel about their own lives.

Writing fiction can be a lot more fun and fulfilling than it used to be.

If you want to get into the game of editing non-fiction, you have to be open to exploring a lot with your readers and creating an audience that you can be as personal as possible.

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