Why I Am the Poet: The Poet of My Times

This is a very old article.

It has been on my website for quite a while.

I have used it to talk about how I became the poet of my time, and how I can use that to create a new generation of poetry.

It’s very old, but it’s also a really good starting point.

If you’re interested in the history of this poem, you can read the history here.

I hope that I can create something that’s really useful and relevant to you.

This poem was created in 1989, around the time of the Iranian Revolution, when I was writing this essay about the role of religion in Iran.

I was in Iran, living in exile, for many years, and I was thinking about how much of my life I had been immersed in Iranian culture and how much that culture was an integral part of my identity.

I think it was this very important moment in my life when I realized that Iran had not only been my home for almost three decades, it had also been my country, my culture, my home.

So, I decided to use the poem as a way of bringing into the light the many things that Iran was really about.

I wanted to use it as a starting point, a way to say, OK, let’s use it to tell our story, to tell the history, and to tell my story.

This is how the poem came to be.

I wrote this essay a couple of years after the revolution, in 1991, and it was a really long time before it was published.

But I’m really happy to share this with you, because it was an important step in my journey.

It was one of the most important steps in my career as a poet.

This essay was written while I was living in Iran for a couple years.

I had a lot of questions and frustrations, but also some real joy in trying to tell this story.

The reason for this essay is that I feel that it’s an important way to remember that we’re all in this together, and that there is a connection between us, and between people.

I don’t know if it’s going to have an impact on how I feel in my future, but I think that it will be a great way for me to start thinking about what I’m going to write about in the future.

This was a great starting point in my literary life.

And the poem is about my own experience.

It also tells my story, which is something that I’m interested in because I feel it’s very important that people who have had a similar experience as I have have something to learn from each other.

It helps me think about what it’s like to have lived in a society that I think is incredibly racist and oppressive, and yet also very much in harmony with my own identity.

It feels very good to say that I lived through that very racist, oppressive, patriarchal society.

But also to say to the people in Iran who I met and to whom I wrote the poem that we are all in a way connected.

There is a link, and a link is very important.

In my book, “Poetry of Iran,” I also mention that I had written poems about the relationship between Iran and the West, about the relationships between the West and the Iranian people, and also about the connections between the Iranian diaspora and the diasporas in the West.

It is important for us all to understand the connection between Iran, the diasepetists, and the Western world, because there are a lot more diasperasts in the Western diaspanics than there are in Iran and it is important to understand that there are diasploitation, which means that there’s a certain amount of people that are taken advantage of.

I believe that this connection, that diaspersion, is important.

The poem that I am writing is about that connection.

It tells the story of my own journey and of my personal struggles and the way that I ended up living my life in exile in the United States, but in the same time in a very safe environment in a small community.

This experience of being an exile and being part of this diaspenistic community in the U.S. gave me a sense of belonging in the diasispora.

And that’s something I feel very important to talk to people about.

In the poem, I also talk about the way in which I think about the nature of the relationship with the West in the Middle East.

I’m very interested in how people who are very much a part of the West find themselves in the Diaspora, how they find themselves living in the middle of this global phenomenon, the refugee crisis.

So that is really an important part of who I am, and who I think of myself as.

It gives me a very specific perspective about how the relationship works, and then I think in this

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